How is IT infrastructure different from network infrastructure?

Network infrastructure is a part of IT infrastructure of an organization. While the IT infrastructure is critical to the business continuity of a company, network infrastructure is critical to the success of the overall IT infrastructure.

The IT infrastructure of a company comprises all components that enable the company’s IT and IT-enabled operations, which includes both internal business operations and external client business solutions. As a standard, IT infrastructure is comprised of the following components:

Hardware such as servers, computers, switches, hubs, data centers and routers
Software applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), productivity and data management applications
Networking, including network enablement, firewall and security, and internet connectivity. This component is known as the network infrastructure.
Human resources such as developers, software testers, business analysts, HR, software documentation specialists, IT specialists, IT support and graphic and UI designers
The network infrastructure of a company comprises all components that enable network communication, operations and management, and connectivity of an enterprise network. The network infrastructure is responsible for maintaining both internal and external connectivity of the internal and external systems. For example, when an external system attempts to access a product feature with the help of an API, it is the responsibility of the network infrastructure to ensure that the connectivity is seamless. It also maintains connectivity between the architecture tiers of the software. As a standard, network infrastructure is comprised of the following components:

Networking hardware which comprises routers, switches, LAN cards, wireless routers, cables
Networking software such as operating systems, network operations and management, network security applications and firewall
Network services such as IP addressing, DSL, satellite, T-1 Line and wireless protocols
Therefore, network infrastructure is a component of IT infrastructure, but both are critical for a successful IT implementation and its operation.